Ellie’s Favourite Toys

Leather Leash

The Leather Leash is a beautiful brown leash for your pet. The quality leather of this leash is strong and durable. The design of the Leather Leash is thicker with some pretty braided sections.

The clasp on the Leather Leash is durable and rustproof. The strong tensile resistance can carry 500lb of pull force. The clasp is easy to tie on collars and/or chest straps.


  • High-Quality Leather - the Leather Leash is made of imported quality leathers. The braided word on the leash is more fashionable and stretchy. The leather resists stains.
  • Comfortable Leash to Use - the Leather Leash won't tear at your hands or collect hair like nylon leashes.


  • Material: leather
  • Color: dark brown
  • Size: 7 different sizes:
  • 1.2CMx120CM
  • 1.2CMx170CM
  • 1.2CMx220CM
  • 1.2CMx270CM
  • 1.6CM x120CM
  • 1.6CM x170CM
  • 1.6CM x210CM

*PLAY IT SAFE: No product is indestructible. Do not leave product with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace the product if damaged.