Matt, Emma and Ellie started Ellie's Favourite Toys because we wanted to purchase toys for Ellie BUT we couldn't. The local toy stores were shut down because of the pandemic! 

We could have gone the Amazon route and support them but we were overwhelmed with the selection, we needed to find something a tad more curated to Ellie's taste. 

Our only logical next step was to create a store of everything that Ellie loves...and a few things she needs...

Most people would think that this big 100+ pound shepherd would need heavy duty, chew resistant toys. Most people...would be very wrong. This big dog couldn't care less for rubber balls and chew toys. She wants the fluffiest, softest, squeakiest toys around! 

So if your fluff ball is anything like Ellie, let her specially curated site be your guide to making them the happiest pup around!