Ellie’s Favourite Toys

Feeder Ball Toy


The Feeder Ball Toy is an interactive toy to keep your pet busy! This toy is so much fun! The Feeder Ball Toy is more than just an interactive ball toy; it's a feeder ball too. That means you can put small treats in it, and your pet will work to get them out. The Feeder Ball Toy is equipped with a strong double suction cup that can sturdily adhere to the floor, door, or glass. If the ground is slightly uneven or cracks, you can use enhanced floor suction stickers.

The Feeder Ball Toy is multifunctional: it's a tooth cleaning tool, a chewing toy, a ball to play with, and a rope to tug. The Feeder Ball Toy is the greatest toy to keep your pet entertained. 


  • Multifunctional Interaction -  The Feeder Ball Toy will help relieve boredom and discourage destructive behavior. This toy is multifunctional; it's a tooth cleaning tool, a chewing toy, a ball to play with, and a rope to tug. 
  • Tooth Cleaning Tool - The Feeder Ball Toy rope toys is a good teething cleaning tool. You can put the dog food in the ball, then dogs will try their best to eat the food. When the dog bites it, the serration inside can clean the food residue in the teeth.
  • Material: rubber, TPR
  • Size: M:5.7*46cm, L:8*43cm
  • Weight: 245g
  • Function: Pet Tooth Cleaning/Chewing/Playing dog ball toy
  • Color: red, green, blue

*PLAY IT SAFE: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toy with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace the product if damaged.