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Cowhide Collar

The Cowhide Collar will make you pet look great! The  Cowhide Collar is thick and durable. It is made from an outer full-grain leather stitched to soft padded split leather lining. Your pet will look stylish while walking, training, and relaxing in this comfy collar.

The Cowhide Collar is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Periodic application of a leather conditioner will keep them looking like new! The super-soft padded leather lining helps to reduce irritation and provide a comfortable fit for your pet pal.


  • Easy care - The Cowhide Collar resists water and stains with minimal care. Cleans up easily with a soft damp cloth and gentle leather cleaner  (ex. Logical Leather Cleaner Spray).
  • Premium Hardware - The Cowhide Collar has Heavy-duty metal clasp and rivets. It has a welded leash ring and convenient tag ring for pet IDs and pet tags.


  • Product use: For pets only
  • Not scalable
  • Colors: black and dark brown
  • Item: cowhide collar
  • Applicable size: S: 38-49cm M: 41-56cm L: 47-65cm

*PLAY IT SAFE: No product is indestructible. Do not leave product with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace the product if damaged.