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Pet Hair Remover Brush


The Pet Hair Remover Brush is the easiest way to tidy up your home! The Pet Hair Remover Brush helps you clean up lint, pet hairs and fuzz lying around your home. Fortunately, now you can rid yourself easily of these tiny hindrances through one single stroke!

The Pet Hair Remover Brush easily scrapes off the hair and particles of any fabric or surface to bring back their clean look once more. When it is full, the Pet Hair Remover Brush opens up to make cleanup simple and quick. You don’t have to get used to the mess, using PetPluck your clothes, furniture and vehicle can look pristine once more. Tidying up becomes a simple hobby, not a chore anymore!

The Pet Hair Remover Brush is easy to use. Follow the direction or grain of the bristles when brushing (going against the grain, not going with the grain). Next, dip the brush into the self-cleaning base and pull it out to remove the collected fur or lint from the brush, which remains in the collection tray at the bottom of the base. Lastly, pull out the tray and discard the contents.



  • A Single Swipe - The Pet Hair Remover Brush will remove lint, pet hair and fuzz in a single brush swipe. 
  • Works on Various Fabrics - The Pet Hair Remover Brush will work on rugs, furniture, clothing, hard surfaces, and even in your car.  
  • Reusable &  Double Sided - Unlike lint rollers, there is no sticky sheets going in the garbage. You can keep using this product over and over again with out buying more link roller sticky paper. No refills needed. The brush also has two usable sides. 



    • Material: ABS+Inverted flannel
    • Size:
    • Large 7.5*5*33CM; Small 6*3*13.5CM
    • Weight: 408g

    *PLAY IT SAFE: No product is indestructible. Do not leave product with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace the product if damaged.