Ellie’s Favourite Toys

Funny Plush Pet


The Funny Plush Pet is a fun toy for your pet to play with. The Funny Plush Pet comes in seven different animal varieties, raccoon, squirrel, skunk, fox, cow, penguin, lion. You can collect all seven! The Funny Plush Pet is made of a soft plush that your pet will love. Your pet can cuddle up with this toy, chew it, play rough with it, and so on. The Funny Plush Pet also has a squeaker, it is the perfect toy for pets that love loud squeaker noises. Your pet will love the durable and bite resistant Funny Plush Pet.



  • Durable - The Funny Plush Pet is made of a strong durable material so your pet can enjoy chewing it and play rough with it.
  • Variety of animals-   The  Quacking Duckie comes in seven different animal varieties. 


  • Color:  raccoon, squirrel, skunk, fox, cow, penguin, lion
  • Material: plush
  • Weight: 46g

*PLAY IT SAFE: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace the product if damaged.